How do I transfer a domain name to another registrar?

Transferring your domain to another registrar is different than changing your nameservers, or "transferring your domain to your hosting company." 

Transfer Requirements

If you choose to work with a different registrar and need to transfer your domain registration away from eNom, you will need to do three things in our system (for most domain extensions):

  • Unlock the domain by disabling Registrar-Lock.
  • Verify that the registrant and administrative contacts on the domain are current and valid. You may also want to disable ID Protect if it's enabled, as this will make the transfer process easier.
  • Email the authorization (EPP) code to yourself.

Please note that some domain extensions don't use Registrar-Lock or authorization codes. For example, .eu domains only use email verification for transfers, and don't need to be unlocked or have an authorization code submitted for the transfer. For such domain extensions, the below instructions may not be entirely applicable. If this is the case, please search our knowledge base for specifics on the domain extension that you are trying to transfer, or submit a support ticket with your request.

Transfer Steps

Once you have removed the registrar lock and/or obtained the EPP/authorization key for transfer, you will need to submit the transfer order through your NEW registrar.

No further action is required by you or by eNom to transfer the domain away. The gaining registrar (your new registrar) must obtain transfer approval from the listed registrant and/or administrative domain contacts and then submit the transfer request to eNom through the registry. There is no way for us to "push" a domain to another registrar other than via the transfer process.


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