How To Transfer A Domain From HostGator ?

Step 1: Login to your HostGator Portal.

Step 2: After you’ve logged in, click Domains on the left side of the Portal.

Step 3: Find the domain you’re transferring in the list of domains and click the More button.

Step 4: In the More menu, click the padlock on the left side.

Step 5: Toggle the domain lock to “Locking OFF” and click the blue Save Domain Locking button.

Step 6: Now that the domain is locked, you need to obtain the EPP Key, or Transfer Code. To do this, click the blue Get EPP button.

Step 7: Copy the EPP code to your clipboard and paste it into a Notepad or text editor file for safekeeping for now.

Next, you need to disable the domain privacy feature, if you have purchased this from HostGator.

Step 8: Click the Detective Icon on the left menu of the domain editor.

Then click the circle/dot next to Public, and click the blue Save button.


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