How to transfer emails from GoDaddy to Bluehost?

Step A : Create Email Account.

First, create a new email account on Bluehost.

Just make sure that you create the same email ID as you created in Godaddy.

For example if your email id in Godaddy is:, you need to create the same email id ( in Bluehost.

Ensure that there is no spelling or capitalization change.

Also give the same password in the new account that you gave in the old one. You can change this once migration is complete.

Step B: Create two accounts in your Mail Client

In your email client (i.e Outlook / Thunderbird in Microsoft Windows OR Mail app on Mac), create two new email accounts as given below:

Email Account 1:

Email ID: <Use Godaddy Email ID>

Password: <Use Godaddy email id Password>

Server Type: IMAP server of Godaddy

Email Account 2:

Email ID: <Use Bluehost Email ID>

Password: <Use same password as Godaddy email id>

Server Type: IMAP server of Bluehost

You should use the servers hostname for the new server and the IP address/hostname for the old server.

Step C: Transfer emails from Godaddy to Bluehost

Once you have connected with both the accounts, open up the inbox for your Godaddy account.

Select the emails you wish to transfer for and copy it (select mails and then Control + C on Windows). Then select the inbox of Bluehost server and paste it (control + V).  Repeat the same process for folders.

If you have a lot of emails, give the accounts a few minutes to finish syncing up. Once they’re done, your old Godaddy emails will be in your Bluehost mailbox.


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