How To Change Shopify Theme ?

There are 3 ways to find a suitable theme for your store:

  1. Choose a theme offered by Shopify
  2. Find a theme from a third-party seller
  3. Go for custom design and development

Choosing from the Shopify theme store

The first option is naturally the easiest one. You can navigate to free Shopify themes right from your admin account, or you can browse the theme store to find a paid one. You can search by collections (templates for large-catalog shops, with minimalistic design, etc.) and industries to narrow it down.

Shopify theme store filters

Paid Shopify themes usually cost somewhere between $200 and $300. They require a one-time payment only when you decide to publish the store. Before going live, you can try out any paid theme for free for as long as you’d like. 

Uploading a third-party theme

If you find a theme you like from an external vendor (you can browse for Shopify themes on TemplateMonster or similar services), you can just as easily upload it to your store editor and customize it. 

Uploading a third-party Shopify theme

External themes can be cheaper than Shopify paid ones, but you won’t be able to try them out for an unlimited time. 

Developing your own theme

Hiring developers to create a theme tailored to your store will be the most expensive and time-consuming solution. Consider it only if you require something very exclusive and above the average functionality: for example, a lot of custom animations.

If you’re just starting with Shopify, you can launch a perfectly good website with free themes. 

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