How to Connect Mailchimp to Squarespace ?

Step 1: Select Squarespace from the integrations menu

To do this, select connect your store > view all integrations. Then scroll down and select Squarespace (you may have to click view more integrations to get it to appear).

Step 2: Paste in your website’s URL.

Then, select the default audience that Mailchimp created for you when you started your account (you can create new custom audiences later to help you organize who is receiving your emails) and then press get code.

Step 3: Inject your Mailchimp Code into Squarespace

Copy that code, and head into the backend of your Squarespace site!

Go to settings > advanced > code injection, and then paste that bad boy into the header area and press save.

Step 4: Check your connection

Ready to make sure they are communicating as they should? Head back into Mailchimp and press the check connection button!

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