How to Hide Page Title in WordPress?

There aren’t a lot of plugins that do this, but I managed to find two:

  1. Hide Page And Post Title
  2. Title Remover

I checked them both on the Twenty Seventeen theme, and they worked well, no problems. I can’t guarantee they’ll work fine for all themes, though.

They don’t have any settings, they just add a simple meta box on the right side of the editing area.

Hide WordPress page title via plugin

Now, there’s some good news and some bad news. I’ll start with the bad news.

The plugins don’t have an option to hide all the page titles. You’ll have to hide the titles one by one.

Now, the good news.

Remember how I mentioned above that Google isn’t a big fan of hiding content?

Well, the second plugin, Title Remover, removes the title from the source code as well, it doesn’t just hide it from the front-end, as the first plugin (and our CSS method) does:

CSS hidden title in WordPress

As you can see, the first plugin, Hide Page And Post Title, just added a CSS class to hide the title from the front-end, it didn’t remove it completely.

The second plugin also prevents having two H1 headings on a page, which is not the best practice for SEO, especially if one of them is hidden.

So, if the second plugin works fine with your theme, you should definitely use that one.

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