How To Install WordPress on Namecheap ?

Namecheap offers its clients a very easy and convenient way for an automatic WordPress installation. They work and support the Softaculous app, which allows its users to install WordPress with a few clicks and in less than 2 minutes.

To create your installation, you have to go to your cPanel account and find the WordPress installer icon in the auto-installers section.

Then click on it and you will need to fill out some more details regarding your website.

  • You have to choose your domain name, where you want to install the WordPress.
  • Specify the folder for the installation – if you leave it blank it will be assumed that your WordPress will be installed in the root folder which is being opened by accessing If you want to install your WordPress in another subfolder – for example, “blog”, write down “blog” and click install. Then WordPress will be installed in
  • Then you will see a database name field that can be left as its default value. For extra security measurements, you can change the wp_ prefix before your database name to something else. This will ensure a bit more safety to your website.
  • Fill the website settings such as website information and title (this can be edited later on as well)
  • Click on the install button and wait for the success message.

After you see the success message you are ready to log in to your website with your admin account from and start building it.

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