How to link Shopify to Instagram ?

You can use plugins to link Instagram to Shopify. There are many plugins over Shopify which help you to connect your Instagram account to Shopify and get your feeds updated automatically.

Like Instagram feed plugin for Shopify by Tagembed is trending and considered best among the rest of the others. It is a free plugin so you can test it on your Shopify store without paying anything to add feeds on the Shopify website. As Tagembed is well known social aggregator.

The best part about this Shopify Instagram feed plugin is, you can get all types of content from your Instagram like from any hashtags of Instagram, from your profile, or any post in which you are tagged or mentioned. So this is how you can add multiple types of posts from Instagram to Shopify.

Moreover, it has 12+ themes to personalize the feeds according to your choice. Its moderation feature allows you to filter out the posts to show the best content on your Shopify store.

With its fully customized feeds, you can drive more traffic and increase session time on your Shopify store that helps you to achieve your ultimate goal i.e. conversion and profit.

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