How To Upload A PDF To WordPress?

Want to know how to upload a PDF on a blog? Uploading a PDF is simple with WordPress. Below, learn the simple approach on how to upload PDF files to your WordPress site.

  1. On your WordPress dashboard, hover over the Media menu. It has an icon of a camera and musical note accompanying the text.
  2. Next, click on the Add New option located in the Media pop-up menu.
  3. Notice the blank grey square entitled Upload New Media. Inside the square, click on Select Files. 
  4. Navigate to the PDF using the Upload New Media pop-up window. 
  5. Select the PDF file, then click Open to upload your document.
  6. Once the file finishes uploading, click the Edit button at the right-hand side of the file.

That’s it! Now that your upload is complete, you can copy the File URL at the Edit page of your PDF. With your copied URL, use one of the How To Embed options explained later in this article.

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